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Organizations are made up of people, and organizational process doesn't work without people process. My approach is strengths-based, appreciative, and person-centered. In helping organizations, individuals, and teams develop, I combine sharp analytic and strategic skills with a compassionate and attentive approach to the experience and contribution of each individual.


Combining traditional planning and management approaches with storytelling, relationship-building, mindfulness and other techniques, I can help you discover how your organizational systems and structures intersect with human needs to provide a fertile place for growth and service.


Organizational consulting.

Organizational assessments

I use interviews, surveys, and review of background documents to understand what is happening in your organization and why. Assessment engagements always include a presentation of results and facilitated discussion.

Strategic and program planning

Strategic planning means many things. If possible, I prefer to begin with a full organizational assessment, followed by one or more decision-making retreats. If this is not possible, some level of up front engagement (interviews, surveys, etc.) is always needed before entering a retreat setting. Many groups benefit from facilitation to hone in on mission, vision, goals and strategies. Implementation details are often better left to staff.

Staffing and structure

How will you accomplish the work? I excel at helping organizations understand how to organize people into effective roles and teams. This usually starts with a staffing analysis - who does what now, what are the missing pieces, and what will be needed for the future? I then propose options for both staffing structure and work processes to help with the flow of tasks and information.


Decision systems

It's funny, but necessary, that we decide how to decide. Many organizations need more clarity on who makes what choices, who needs to be involved in those decisions, and how and when communication happens. Working through these questions can relieve significant tension and lead to better work flow and a more peaceful environment.

Coaching for leaders and teams.

We all yearn for meaning in our days. People who are drawn to mission-based organizations feed this need through their work in the world. I love connecting with leaders and teams to discover their strengths and develop practical pathways towards change.

  • Leadership assessments

  • Goal-focused leadership coaching

  • Team retreats

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